The Customer Experience Challenge

We all know that customer experience is a key driver of commercial success. Yet our conversations with business leaders suggest many senior teams are struggling to deliver an experience that’s distinctive, trusted and competitive.

A recurring challenge is how to deliver sustained change in behaviour that is visible and relevant to customers and influences their purchase behaviour.

Training may offer a solution, but studies show that as little as 10% of training activity may convert to improved performance in the wrong corporate culture.

At ABCG we believe there’s a better way and it starts with Corporate EQ.

We help clients develop the capability they need to improve their customer experience with less expense and more efficiently than they would without us.

Our new Customer Experience support programme for business leaders, management and frontline personnel offers diagnostic tools which get to the point quickly and training programmes which are guaranteed to produce measurable change in Customer Experience performance.

At the heart of a successful brand is a great customer experience. To stay competitive customer experiences must change – but change is tough.” Mike Ashton, MD ABCG.

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Know-how and inspiration forged from practical experience.

Support and training programmes

Cascade-01ABCG CascadeSenior Management Programme

Equipping senior teams to lead CX transformation.

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ThreeSixty-01ABCG ThreeSixty™ThreeSixty™ Integrated Learning

Transforming training ROI to change CX behaviour.

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Mirror-Image-01ABCG Mirror-ImageCX Capability Assessment

A simple review process – the first step in delivering positive behavioural change.

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ABCG quick-check of CX readiness

How would you assess your business for CX readiness?

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