ABCG ThreeSixty

ThreeSixty Integrated learning transforming work-place adoption of new skills and training ROI to change Customer Experience behaviour.

Process & benefits

  • Capability & capacity
    Align learning with business priorities
  • Identify potential blockers
    Help address cultural/process issues
  • Engage and enable line managers
    Develop applied coaching capability
  • Blended learning solution
    Personal approach ensures change
  • Measure real impact
    Kirkpatrick L2&3: Behaviour/Outputs

Blended learning transforms conversion to >70%

ThreeSixty Blended learning solutions

ABCG ThreeSixty is a comprehensive suite of Customer Experience training modules delivered using blended learning techniques which ensures transformation of training ROI to change Customer Experience behaviour.

Research indicates that investment in CX Capability is critical to transforming performance. Businesses focusing on evolving skills and processes, supported by planned development of new capability and behaviour at all levels of the business, are considered advanced in CX delivery. (Research source: Forrester, Oracle, Harvard Business Review, CX index).

Traditional training methods currently lack effectiveness “As little as 10% of L&D activity converts to new behaviour in the workplace” (Harvard Business Review) with a number of blockers such as one off interventions with no support, lack of engagement at managerial level with inability to coach, content not applicable to jobs, no structured follow-up on implementation, too many initiatives to handle well, time and resource not prioritised and many more.

ThreeSixty offers an extensive range of management, front-line and specialist training programmes which can be tailored to your specific needs. Each tailored module is delivered using a blended learning approach through:

  • Personal learning with online support materials & webinars to support ongoing learning;
  • Classroom programmes – intensive workshops featuring the ESTRA model which are measured using Kirkpartick Assessment;
  • Management engagement – active participation of line managers thorough briefing, assessment and coaching nurturing and supporting team members;
  • Work based applications – where new skills are directly applied to job roles and performance is closely monitored by managers.

Blended learning transforms conversion up to 70% by a process of ongoing development of relevant skills in a nurturing environment using a measurable process.

“Effective CX strategy must be supported by planned development of new capability and behaviour at all levels”.

Source: Forrester and HBR.


ESTRA model

  • Explain core principles
  • Showcase by course leader
  • Try new skills in practical scenarios
  • Review learning and re-apply
  • Apply to real-time situation

Kirkpatrick Assessment

  • Level 1: Participant response
  • Level 2: Behaviour change
  • Level 3: Performance impact
  • Level 4: Business impact

ThreeSixty Syllabus offers three CX training programmes with individual modules for you to pick and choose.

Each module is tailored to your specific requirements and are supported by our blended learning solutions:
personal workbooks, line manager briefings, on-line support and impact assessment.

Management programmes

  • Managing teams for CX delivery
  • Planning & delivering powerful CX
  • Delivering inspiring presentations
  • Building personal influence
  • Coaching skills for managers
Front-line service programmes

  • Interpersonal skills for service delivery
  • Taking responsibility for CX delivery
  • Dealing with difficult people & situations
  • Building sales through CX excellence
  • Effective time management
Specialist programmes

  • CX mapping & design
  • Planning & managing change
  • Using data & analytics to deliver CX
  • Omni-channel & social media
  • Product & portfolio management

Development and delivery process

Capability audit


Tailored assessment of skills gap, process issues and learning landscape.


ABCG assessment and preparation of detailed programme. Design brief for review with Senior Leadership Team (SLT).


Core programme tailored to meet brief & incorporate client issues, information and cases.


Delivery of programme over concentrated period. Review & adjust after each module.


Impact assessment vs agreed goals. Report prepared for SLT using Kirkpatrick model.


Further coaching at team or individual level as required following impact assessment.

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