CX diagnostic

ABCG quick-check of CX readiness
How would you assess these statements for your business?

Key diagnostic statements based on known CX success drivers Agree Disagree Priority ranking (1 to 5, with 1 being the most important)

Our senior team understands CX. They have an accurate view of how well our CX underpins our brand, delivers what our customers expect, and therefore influences purchase behaviour.

We have a shared vision for CX success and a clear plan that prioritises CX investment across our business. Each manager is accountable for delivering specific CX objective in their team.

Our teams collaborate effectively across functional boundaries to develop and deliver CX that consistently meets expectations and is responsive to changing customer needs.

Our staff understand our CX plan and how well we’re doing. Each person knows what they have to do to succeed and wants to contribute. They feel confident and equipped to deliver.

Our approach to learning & development produces the CX behaviour we need to succeed. We’re able to assess the impact of training on job performance and business delivery.

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