ABCG Cascade

Transforms Customer Experience capability within the
executive and management teams.

ABCG Cascade intensive workshops are facilitated by ABCG’s team of board level practitioners delivering:

  • Aligned Customer Experience strategy, plan and investment priorities
  • New ways of collaborative working
  • Clear individual accountabilities
  • Organisational engagement plan

Knowledge transfer through intensive team-based workshops.

What makes ABCG Cascade different?

Customer focussed planning, collaboration, communication and coaching are imperative in leading CX transformation.

Whilst identifying and recognising the importance of Customer Experience many companies are struggling to develop Customer Experience strategies that work across the company. Harvard Business Review comments “lack of alignment & collaboration within senior teams impedes CX delivery”.

ABCG believe that Senior Management behaviour is critical when leading CX transformation and there are a number of key blockers which are not being addressed, from lack of strategic alignment, inconsistent leadership, processes that inhibit speed of response, to structure and ways of working, all of which inhibit collaboration.

ABCG Cascade is an intensive management capability
development programme that uses ‘live planning’ to equip
executive teams to deliver sustained change in CX performance.


By the end of the Cascade programme ABCG commit to delivering shared vision, aligned priorities & new processes.

Building on from the Status Audit findings and combining the
Investment Rationale, the first stage of the Cascade programme
consists of intensive Executive team workshops to specifically
address these issues, delivering shared vision, aligned
priorities, new processes, systems and tools.

Once the Executive Leadership team is ready we then move
to stage two and cascade this to the rest of the organisation.

Cascade encompasses a wide range of management,
front-line and specialist programmes using a blended learning
approach transforming organisational Customer Experience
priorities and behaviours.

Executives underestimate CX risk & reward and potential value of CX transformation. Cultivating a customer focussed culture is the critical senior management challenge.

“44% of executives believe customers are willing to pay premium for great CX… but 86% of customers say they do”.

Source: Forrester, Oracle, CX index.

ABCG Cascade core modules

Four modules tailored to each clients requirements based on the pre-programme ABCG Status Audit healthcheck.

Each module is delivered over two days through intensive, team-based workshops with pre and post module group work and individual coaching.

Module 1Customer-centered planning & beliefBuild an operationally & financially robust CX plan as an integral part of corporate strategy.

Workshop content:

ABCG facilitators work with executive team to build a robust and realistic CX plan around:Customer needs
Positioning gaps
Vision & strategy
Investment priority
Operational delivery
Module 2Collaborative working practice

Heighten speed, flexibility through collaborative ways of working.

Workshop content:

ABCG facilitators help executive team analyse & address behaviour & process change needs:Shared belief
Ways of working
Signature behaviours
Module 3Engage, involve, inspireAchieve understanding, alignment & focus to delivery.

Workshop content:

ABCG facilitators help executive team prepare 5 step engagement & transformation plan:Explain (what)
Inspire (why)
Equip (how)
Module 4Transforming team performance

Optimise performance & transform adoption of new skills throughout the organisation.

Workshop content:

ABCG facilitators introduce blended learning plan & work on personal coaching skills:Performance gaps
Capability audit
Behaviour goals
Blended learning plan
Coaching workshop

Design and delivery process

Capability audit


2 hour workshop with Senior Leadership Team (SLT)  to build understanding, commitment & chemistry.

Health check & brief


ABCG assessment and preparation of detailed programme design brief for review with SLT.



Core programme tailored to meet brief & incorporate client issues, information and cases.



Delivery of programme over concentrated period. Review & adjust after each module.



Impact assessment vs agreed goals. Report prepared for SLT using Kirkpatrick model.



Further coaching at team or individual level as required following impact assessment.

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