About ABCG

“Hi, I’m Mike Ashton, founder and managing director of ABCG. Over my 30 years in business, I must confess I became a bit cynical about training companies and consultants – often promising the earth but lacking the experience to deliver. So when I left the board of Hilton International in 2008, I decided to set up the kind of training and consulting business I wanted as a client – experienced, commercially savvy and sensibly priced – people with a proven track record on my side of the desk.

That’s ABCG. We aim to add value to your business in very practical and measurable ways by helping to transform Customer Experience – driving growth, reducing cost and improving efficiency. It ‘s all about people and change.”

Our conversations with business leaders suggest they struggle to deliver a customer experience (CX) that’s distinctive, trusted and proven to create commercial value. The core challenge is planning, inspiring and executing sustained, coherent change.
We work with clients to transfer the know-how needed to improve their customer experience, with less expense and more efficiently than they would without us.
Our diagnostic and delivery tools get to the point quickly, saving clients time and money. Tailored to your specific need you can cherry pick the programmes suitable for your requirements.
ABCG Status AuditCX Capability Assessment

A simple review process – the first step in delivering positive behavioural change.

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ABCG CascadeSenior Management Programme

Equipping senior teams to lead CX transformation.

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ABCG Investment RationaleInvestment Justification

Build robust business cases for CX investment

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Know-how and inspiration forged from experience. We aim to add value to your business in very practical and measurable ways.

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