ABCG Status Audit

Objectively assesses the organisation’s ability to deliver
Customer Experience against our Capability Model.

  • Firstly we assess the current CX capability within the organisation by using our proprietary model to identify how consistent the approach to CX is across the organisation
  • Secondly we review how the Customer Experience is articulated within the organisation: Is it documented? Is it aligned to the brand proposition? Is it unique to your brand? Is it defined for every interaction?


  • Simple two-step process which can be executed across a whole organisation, selected teams or individuals
  • Identifies key blockers and subsequent areas of improvement required to deliver positive change
  • Enables development of a tailored programme that will deliver visual change to behaviour and have subsequent commercial impact.


Using ABCG’s proprietary model we start with a review of the
current Customer Experience capability across the company.

We use an online tool to gain input from as wide a group of
employees as possible; from the C-Suite through to the customer
facing teams. We conduct face to face structured interviews,
discussions and workshops. We review the strategy, systems,
processes and behaviours that support the Customer Experience.

The assessment can be used for individuals, departments or a whole organisation.


Our feedback is given initially to the Senior Leadership
Team with whom we work closely to ensure they fully
understand the findings and that there is consensus on the issues
and opportunities.  We then determine the prioritised actions
required to drive improved CX performance.

Areas covered during the Status Audit




  • Brand proposition & values
  • Customer touchpoints
  • CX journey mapping
  • CX EQ connection


  • Vision & belief
  • Integration
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • EQ & style


  • Commercial
  • Competition
  • Customer
  • Staff
  • Brand


  • Data usage
  • Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Involvement
  • Communication


  • Behaviours
  • L&D alignment
  • Skill conversion
  • Line support
  • Impact measure




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