What we do

At ABCG we offer a total business solution around customer experience, working with Senior Management Teams to develop a UNIQUE Customer Experience Capability model (systems, processes, behaviours) which will support the brand and business strategy.

We then help our clients transfer the know-how needed through our Customer Experience support programmes for business leaders, management and frontline personnel, which are guaranteed to produce measurable change in Customer Experience performance.

We review the brand proposition and its alignment with the CX strategy and assess CX capability through ABCG Status Audit, equip senior teams to lead CX transformation with ABCG Cascade and transform work-place adoption of new skills with the ABCG ThreeSixty suite of Customer Experience training modules delivered through blended learning techniques.

Know-how and inspiration forged from practical experience.

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ABCG Status Audit

CX Capability Assessment.
A simple review process – the first step in delivering positive behavioural change.

Status Audit is a simple process of assessing CX capability in order to develop a tailored programme which will deliver visual change to behaviour.

It can be applied to a whole organisation, selected teams or individual and can be led by ABCG or made available for self assessment by participants in preparation for specific learning programmes.

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ABCG Cascade

Equipping senior teams to lead CX transformation.

ABCG Cascade is an intensive management programme that uses ‘live planning’ to equip executive teams to deliver sustained change in Customer Experience performance.

The programme consists of four intensive team based workshops which will deliver an outcome of shared vision, aligned priorities, new processes and heightened EQ.

“Lack of alignment & collaboration within senior teams impedes CX delivery” Harvard Business Review

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ABCG Investment Rationale

Building CX investment justification

ABCG Investment Rationale supports leadership teams by building robust return on investment models for CX programmes.

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ABCG ThreeSixty

Transforms work-place adoption of new skills.

With a comprehensive suite of Customer Experience training modules and blended learning techniques ABCG ThreeSixty ensures transformation of training return on investment to change Customer Experience behaviour.

ABCG ThreeSixty offers an extensive range of management, front-line and specialist training programmes which can be tailored to your specific needs. Each tailored module is delivered using a blended learning approach through personal learning, classroom programmes, work based applications and management engagement which transforms work-place adoption of new skills.

As little as 10% of L&D activity converts to new behaviour in the workplace” Harvard Business Review

Blended learning transforms conversion up to 70%.

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