ABCG Customer Experience Webinar no.1: How to address the complex challenges associated with transforming Customer Experience

We are very excited to announce the  first in a series of ABCG webinars on May 19th 2017 at 10am.

Mike Ashton, Managing Director will be considering the complex challenges associated with transforming customer experience  to create a competitive advantage, along with some practical and proven solutions that you might find useful in your own organisation.


The first session will be an introduction to handling some of the recurring barriers to customer experience transformation.  It’s a topic that Mike recently covered with an international audience of over 1000 participants for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  The session received very positive feedback and  we would like to share these thoughts with you to begin a progressive dialogue on the topic of transformation.

The 45 minute webinar will touch on key areas which impact CX delivery:

  • Leadership and customer focused decision-making
  • Customer-centric marketing planning
  • Collaborative working and managing change
  • Developing the right capabilities
  • Converting training into improved performance

Here are some of the comments received from participants in the CIM session:

“This was one of the best CIM webinars I have listed to – practical, informative and well-place.”  

“A superb presentation Mike’s knowledge on the subject and skills were invaluable!”

“Not a question! Just a statement. Great Webinar..”

Mike would very much like to share some practical, proven strategies that have been instrumental in delivering success with major international brands including Hilton International and to get your ideas on this critically important topic. We hope you’ll join us for this first session..

To confirm your attendance you just need to pop your name and email by following this link

If you cannot attend the live date, then please continue to put your details in and we will send you the recording.


ABCG Building Customer Experience Capability

Planning and managing transformation ~ Building capability ~ Delivering tailored training solutions

If you would like a quick chat please feel free to call Mike Ashton or Carl Davies on 01494 899611




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