Universal challenges for customer experience

Universal CX challenges

What a great week in Malaysia – running a 3 day customer experience (CX) masterclass for senior execs from the financial services sector from all over Asia.  Thanks to Quest for promoting the event.

A couple of weeks ago it was dateline London for a similar programme for corporate leaders from the UK’s flourishing serviced apartment industry.

And a few weeks before that, the keynote speaker at a customer experience conference in Malta.

3 radically different settings – 3 distinct sectors – 3 apparently disparate audiences. Yet they had at least one thing in common: A passionate belief that their continued success lies in their ability to transform the experience they deliver to their customers more effectively than their competitors.

What’s remarkable is that despite the geographic and sectoral differences, the conversation focused on familiar challenges.  Perhaps these questions resonate for your organisation…

Belief:  How do we get our senior team to appreciate the value of CX and understand how the experience we deliver impacts our sales performance and brand reputation?

Alignment:  How do we build a shared vision for CX success and a plan that prioritises CX investment across our business with clear accountability for delivery from the very top?

Way of working: How do we get our teams to collaborate across functional boundaries to develop and deliver a seamless experience that consistently evolves to meet customer expectations?

Engagement: How do we ensure that, no matter how big the company, each person knows what they have to do to succeed and feels passionate about our business?

Performance: And finally, how to be make sure our investment in learning & development equips our people properly to deliver the experience we need to compete and win?


I’m delighted to say that, in each case, we were able to walk delegates through some proven solutions, tools and techniques that address these thorny challenges in very practical ways

In particular, participants left feeling better equipped to demonstrate the commercial impact of investing in CX and therefore convince their senior colleagues of its strategic importance.

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