Carl is a Procter & Gamble trained professional who went on to set up and run MeridianISE Consulting, an international management consultancy for over 15 years.

MeridianISE Management Consulting specialised in Sales and Marketing for large Blue Chip organisations across the globe, with 30+ consultants working from offices in London and Chicago.

Carl has spent the last 20+ years running his own businesses as a Founder/Owner/Entrepreneur and also performs a number of advisory & NED roles.

My passion is helping clients succeed; which means growing revenue and profitability. For me this involves giving customers and consumers a great service and experience so that they come back time and time again and they tell all their friends and colleagues. I have known Mike Ashton for a number of years and having P&G in our veins means we always come at issues from the Customer’s perspective. Mike’s experience and success at Hilton on Customer Experience echoed many of the challenges we faced with our clients and so we started to share our experiences and frustrations. We knew two things were essential for excellent CX; strong, aligned leadership; and behavioural change across the organisation. This resulted in us developing the Cascade™ and ThreeSixty™ programmes which we are really proud and excited to launch. In addition to my love of work I am a Lord’s Taverner and, with my charity committee, have raised over £2m for disadvantaged children in Middlesex. I have been married for 26 years and have two grown up children and a puppy

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