ABCG Customer Experience Webinar no.1: How to address the complex challenges associated with transforming Customer Experience

We are very excited to announce the  first in a series of ABCG webinars on May 19th 2017 at 10am. Mike Ashton, Managing Director will be considering the complex challenges associated with transforming customer experience  to create a competitive advantage, along with some practical and proven solutions that you might find useful in your own […]


Converting brand strategy to customer experience

BRAND and REPUTATION are not just the preserve of bigger businesses, they are equally important for SMEs. They may take a while to build but, once established, provide an excellent platform for differentiating your business from your competitors’. Prices can be reduced at a stroke, products can be tweaked and packaging re-designed, but your competitors can’t […]


CEX Transition: Turning data into action

Companies invest heavily to measure customer reaction to the service experience they deliver and frequently obsess over the results.  Yet in so many cases it proves difficult to convert this knowledge, together with a wealth of other related data, into positive improvement of customer experience. Which begs the question, where does the breakdown between research, […]


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